The Buzz on Content Marketing

The idea behind content marketing is far from being a hard concept to take in. From the name itself, it refers to any strategy where a marketer makes use of content in different forms to get the attention and favour of customers. Content marketing is designed to appeal to customers either by offering a piece of new knowledge or by sharing something funny and entertaining, in a way convincing people to give your products a try. The most important aspect of content marketing is really the interactions and the relationships that you can build with your audience because it is those that open up new possibilities for both you and your customer. Here are a few more things about content marketing.

It stops short of a sales pitch.


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Let us get one thing straight. Content marketing is entirely different from all the advertisements and promotions you put out in that it is not a sales pitch at all, nor does it actively lead customers toward specific products you want them to buy. There is no call to action to “buy this” or to “call now”, but rather there is just the content you want to share and the people you want to share it with. These
“content”, whatever they may be, are usually something closely related to the field that your business is in, but there’s no concrete rule that says they always have to be. In fact, they can be about anything and everything, as long as you remember that actively trying to sell people something is not what you are looking for.

It’s more than just articles.

You may ask what different forms of content you can use, and there are actually a few choices. A good example of a commonly used content marketing strategy is the creation and posting of articles relevant to a certain industry. A business selling fishing equipment—tackles, boats, bait—for example, can regularly post stories and articles that deal with fishing such as different competitions and new gear that fishing enthusiasts can really get excited about. Aside from articles, one can also go with news, pictures, videos, podcasts, music, and so many other different formats seeing as “content” is such a broad term.

It’s offline, too.


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The internet has made it all too easy to share information and opinions all over the world. That means that the internet has also opened up new dimensions when it comes to content marketing, even completely redefining what it means to market content. However, what many people forget is that content marketing is not a completely online venture, and in fact, it’s been around for many years even a long time before computers and any advanced forms of long distance communications have been invented. A few examples are regularly published magazines and even a clever placemat that doubles up as a map and witty tourist guide. Print—business cards, flyers, posters, etc.— is far from being obsolete, and the good news is that it’s just one example of many different offline content marketing strategies! Having said that, don’t just rely on social media, blogs, and other online alternatives for content marketing; there are options like as well!

Quality is crucial.


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“Content is king” is a very familiar and sometimes overly used statement in content marketing. What this basically means is that the quality of the content you release is very important in determining how effective your strategy is going to be. No one will follow and be excited about a site that produces badly written and boring content just as much as people will love sites and businesses that come up with clever and intriguing content on a regular basis. There is a big difference—especially in terms of effectiveness—between churning out quality content and poor content. The truth is in the numbers, even if you are only looking at how many followers and likes your posts are getting, so always make sure to put your best work forward.

2013 is yet another opportunity for content marketing to do its magic for business all over. People can only take a guess and make predictions on what is going to happen, but for sure things are going to be interesting for content marketing in terms of helping businesses with their branding and with getting new and loyal customers. What content marketing tricks have you tried?


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