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These days, social media marketing and the other online marketing strategies are all the rage. However, this is not an indication that offline marketing is any less effective or helpful; in fact, nothing has really changed in some aspects. For examples, printed materials such as business cards and flyers may have taken a slight hit because of everything going digital, but you’ll always see publicity shirts, hats, and other clothes for as long as there is business around you. At the end of the day, shirts are still an exciting product that would get your brand to as many people as possible.

Image from http://visualsatworkscreenprinting.com/blog/

Clothes are inevitable. Whenit comes right down to it, you and your employees need to wear clothes when you get to work. It’s not required that you make uniforms or anything, but having a company shirt which you can give out to both customers and employees is both simple and effective. When your cashier steps out to take her lunch, she’d be walking around, flashing your logo to the world; even when the day is over and you are doing some shopping, you’d still be marketing as long as you wear a shirt, a cap, or anything you want. Take advantage of all the little opportunities.

Image from http://www.web-design.co.il/logo_design.html

All you need is the logo. Assuming you have a smart and memorable logo design for your company, creating branded merchandise is going to be a snap. Just slap on your business logo and let your freebies do the rest, the simplest thing you could try out. Of course you can add in more when it comes to the design—a clever one-liner, awesome graphics, autographs even—but in any case, as long as you have a good logo and a shirt to put it on, you’re golden.

Image from http://quiltbug.com/articles/Tshirt-quilts.htm

 All else fails, you’d still have the merchandise. As with every other marketing strategy, it can either succeed or fail miserably. However, the good thing with this one is that even if your merchandise doesn’t bring in as much sales as you would like, you’d still have use for them when everything has been said and done. You can still wear a t-shirt even if it doesn’t entice people to buy from you, after all, so it won’t be a total waste.

Try printing out a batch of special shirts and see whether this strategy works for you. In the end, it’s all about the execution and how you run your business.


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  1. great! i think using this strategy will give you more potential customers to go for.

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