The idea behind content marketing is far from being a hard concept to take in. From the name itself, it refers to any strategy where a marketer makes use of content in different forms to get the attention and favour of customers. Content marketing is designed to appeal to customers either by offering a piece […]

With the world literally in the midst of a technological revolution, marketing is increasingly being focused on the digital more than the traditional. Trading familiarity and personal interactions with convenience and a global reach, online marketing has changed the very nature of how businesses get the word around about their products and even how customers […]

When starting a business, choosing a name is always one of the very first things on the agenda. After all, without a name there would not be a business, at least not a recognized one that would be very successful. Still, unlike naming pets (or even babies), there is actually quite a lot more at […]

Branding has always been the anchor of business. That is how it is now, and that is how it has always been ten, twenty, even fifty years ago.  Think of your business as a fishing boat, and having found a spot where you can get plenty of fish, you would want to stay there and […]

  These days, social media marketing and the other online marketing strategies are all the rage. However, this is not an indication that offline marketing is any less effective or helpful; in fact, nothing has really changed in some aspects. For examples, printed materials such as business cards and flyers may have taken a slight […]